Jardín de Raíces Comunitarias

Community Roots Garden

A whole acre of rich Oxnard soil. A bunch of caring people.Todo un acre de rico suelo de Oxnard. Un montón de gente cariñosa.

Volunteers Keep this Garden Growing

 The garden thrives with dedicated and consistent volunteers. Please see our volunteer tab to learn more about how you can contribute to the garden.

 About the garden

Two (very) part-time coordinators help keep the garden active and remind community participants of the garden's principals.  Volunteers help keep the garden growing and tend to the soil.  We still continue inviting different collectives, groups, circles, and organizations to share space within the garden. Both of us are investing more time in continuing to create an intentional space that is for all communities. Let us remind you that even though we are inviting all communities, the garden does have a special focus on serving low income, farm worker, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. No doubt about it!

Our mission has been to grow a community of more gardens, share what we grow, empower one another, and restore wellness to the land. But the garden is much more than that, it is a space that informs how intersectionality, accountability, and transparency is important in order to create communities that are strong and resilient. We want to remind you all how race, class, gender, and geography plays into the food system, and all the systems of power. We do not only believe growing food or composting is going to “save the world,” it takes much more than that. ***Remember our food system is built on stolen land and exploited labor.***

Both of us try our very best to share how we show up within the community garden and within the grander community, how we create, how we thrive, how we FAIL, and how we continue and move forward. Please do us the favor of not romanticizing us, we are not leaders or grand activists… romanticism only hurts one another as it sets us up to let you down if we don’t meet your expectations. We’re not perfect, we don’t have all the answers and we don’t intend to be at any point either, but again, we do and will always share all that we know. We hope you continue to grow with us as each one of us is needed for any collective changes to happen. Yes, all of us.

When we work locally and collectively, towards having the right mindset needed for wholesome growth and connection, we attract those who align as well as repel destructive pests, which could either be people or insects. All this happens in efforts to improve the entire ecosystem of our lives. Nothing is impossible, the so-called impossible just takes a little longer 🐌🌀🌱

To learn more about the history of Community Roots Garden, please visit our "Community" page. 

Focculose Ink cap

Mycelium Network (as a visual of all the work it takes for communal growth and sharing of resources and abundance because we tener get stuck on the surface level of growth: flowers, trees, etc.) 

Old beans full of Mold (as a visual that we mess up too..) But we recognize that both fungi and mold are instrumental in making nourishment and medicine (penicillin made from Mold for instance).

The Garden's two coordinators

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